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Wellness Check-Ins from the Better Breastfeeding platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Better Breastfeeding different than seeing a lactation consultant?
    Better Breastfeeding is a web-based application that provides over 6 1/2 hours of tutorials and learning guides to help you understand how your body and your baby work. This information can help you know what to expect when you are breastfeeding so you can identify issues early on. You can also use the Virtual Breastfeeding Specialist to do a self-assessment and receive helpful recommendations. You can print and share your reports with your doctor or lactation consultant. Using the Better Breastfeeding platform, you can trouble-shoot most breastfeeding issues on your own. If you need hands-on help, you can work with a lactation consultant, doctor, or other health care practitioner.
  • Why can’t I just ask my doctor if I'm having trouble breastfeeding?
    Most of the time, you and your baby won't see your pediatrician or OB/Gyn's for your first visit until 4-6 weeks after you give birth. But most breastfeeding issues arise early, and if they are not addressed effectively, they can jeopardize your ability to breastfeed. To make matters worse, most doctors don't receive specialized training in breastfeeding medicine, so advice can be conflicting or uninformed.
  • How is Better Breastfeeding different than a tracking app?
    The Wellness Check-Ins provide daily guidelines so you know what to expect from you and your baby, such as how many wet diapers your baby should have, how much breast milk or formula they need, how often you should nurse, etc. You can also print a Daily Checklist and fill it in. Some parents find that a tracking app is hard for other caregivers to use or they prefer to keep track on paper. You can also use the Daily Checklists in conjunction with a baby tracking app.
  • When is the best time to sign up for Better Breastfeeding?
    If you are pregnant with your first baby, signing up for Better Breastfeeding during your third trimester can give you a head start on learning all the amazing things to expect. If you've already had your baby, signing up early can help assure you that things are going well or alert you to potential problems when there is still time to fix things. If you run into problems, the Virtual Breastfeeding Specialist can help you figure out the underlying causes at anytime during your breastfeeding journey.
  • Why do I need Better Breastfeeding for more than one month?
    Breastfeeding is a dynamic process that can change almost daily, especially in the early months. If this is your first baby, it may take time to get into a rhythm and digest all the information the site has to offer.
  • Is Better Breastfeeding a Telehealth service? Will I work with Dr. Dahl?
    No. Better Breastfeeding is a web-based application and self-guided assessment and learning tool that provides recommendations to help support your breastfeeding journey. You can print the reports generated by the Virtual Breastfeeding Specialist and share them with your doctor or health care practitioner. It does not provide health care services, and you will not meet with Dr. Dahl.
  • Does Better Breastfeeding have Telehealth options?
    Better Breastfeeding is a web-based application with tutorials, tracking, and self-assessment. There are currently no Telehealth options, but you can use it in conjunction with your lactation consultant, doctor, or other health care professionals.

Choose the right plan for you

1 month of access

Normally: $74.99
Introductory Price: $49.95

Ideal for expectant moms preparing to breastfeed or experienced moms facing new challenges. It's a great way to try out all the site has to offer!

3 months of access

Normally: $199.99 
Introductory Price: $129.95

Our recommendation for moms who want full support through the early months. It's like having your own virtual breastfeeding specialist to support you as challenges arise.

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