Meet Dr. Linda Dahl

Dr. Dahl is a Manhattan-based ear, nose and throat surgeon with over 20 years of clinical practice. She is also widely regarded as New York’s foremost breastfeeding doctor. As a mother who struggled to breastfeed her own daughter, Dr. Dahl made it her mission to create a solution-oriented breastfeeding paradigm to help mothers everywhere to feed and bond with their babies - regardless of their feeding choice.

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Dr. Dahl is amazing! My child had extra skin that was preventing him from latching on fullyduring breastfeeding and Dr Dahl confirmed that it wasn’t a tongue/lip tie but just extra skin… She is very warm, inviting and knowledgeable. She came highly recommended by my lactation consultant and although I don’t have insurance to cover her I am happy to have paid the amount because she is that great. Thank you!

Patricia S.

My wife and I brought our newborn son in for a simple procedure in his gums to help him nurse more efficiently. Dr. Dahl was super helpful in explaining the problem and the procedure. She quickly took care of the issue and even waited with us and helped oversee the feeding with the procedure done. She was also very friendly and caring. I highly recommend seeing her for issues related to breastfeeding!

Kevin O.

Dr. Dahl was amazing… Dr. Dahl herself was able to diagnose and take care of my issue in a matter of minutes. It was also nice to see she had a beautiful brand new breastfeeding center right across the hall. I def could have used that when I had my 3 little ones, will be recommending this to my new mommy friends so sure as this would have been extremely helpful when I was in that stage.

Kira S.

We were very happy with our experience with Dr. Dahl. She clipped our sons lip and tongue tie very well, we had already done this with our first daughter at a different practice and we were much happier with this experience. I would suggest making sure you meet with an IBCLC before and after so that you can work on breastfeeding with the change after the tongue tie is loosened.

Marlina C.

I saw Dr. Dahl for my 6 week olds tongue tie. Her office is designed for nursing moms with sectioned off nursing areas, comfortable seating and boppys. Dr. Dahl and her staff are all kind and knowledgeable. She has an amazing bedside manner and made my baby's frenectomy less scary. I would definitely recommend her to others!!

Cathy A.

Dr. Dahl was so fabulous!! I was so relieved to see someone who recognized and was able to diagnose the problems I was having breastfeeding my daughter. Dr. Dahl was professional and informative and a pleasure to talk to. She was also very sweet with my baby!

Eva G.

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