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When my daughter was born at the end of my surgical residency, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I only had six weeks of maternity leave, and I felt that breastfeeding was the best way to stay connected to her. But things didn't turn out the way I expected.

The challenges started right away. She nursed endlessly. I had terrible breast and nipple pain. She didn’t gain enough weight. I sought help from my doctors, but they assured me nothing was wrong. After two months, I ended up losing my milk supply and gave up shortly afterward. I felt devastated, not just because I had failed. Because I had no idea why things had gone wrong or what I could have done differently.


It turns out, I wasn't alone. When I started practicing, I saw countless moms and babies who were going through the same struggles.  Back then, I had no idea how to help. I wasn't taught about breastfeeding in medical school or residency, but I was determined to learn. 

Over the last twenty years, I've dedicated my career to figuring out why breastfeeding is challenging for so many moms and babies and come up with solutions that work. I've treated tens of thousands of patients in my office with a 90% success rate and created a paradigm to diagnose and treat breastfeeding issues.


My clinical work has been so rewarding, that I wanted to share what I learned with moms everywhere. That’s why I created Better Breastfeeding–to give you 24/7 access to the same kind of information I provide my patients. Learn how breastfeeding is supposed to work, so you can be your best advocate. 


Better Breastfeeding can help you feel empowered and connected to your baby, no matter what your feeding choice.

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