Coming Fall 2023

Clinical Training Program in Breastfeeding Medicine

Better Breastfeeding’s comprehensive Clinical Training will help you integrate breastfeeding medicine safely and effectively into your practice.

Course Overview

Our comprehensive medical training program includes:

Anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding mom and baby

Assessment and diagnosis of breastfeeding issues

Choosing appropriate treatment options, including instruction of in-office procedures

Managing risks and Follow-up care

Billing, coding, and collecting for office visits

Working with support staff

Why incorporate breastfeeding medicine into your practice?

Breastfeeding medicine is an emerging field.

There are few practitioners who are trained in breastfeeding medicine and even fewer who provide safe and effective interventions.

Through our clinically-proven paradigm, you can expand your practice to include the diagnosis and treatment of breastfeeding moms and babies.

Generate revenue and increase patient flow.

Comprehensive Training Program

This program is intended for physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, and other licensed healthcare practitioners. We provide everything needed to incorporate breastfeeding as a profitable and synergistic addition to your current medical practice.

Once you have completed the Clinical Training, you will be added to our network and become part of the Better Breastfeeding Family.

In addition, your patients will receive 15% off their Better Breastfeeding subscription, which will also help you to manage your breastfeeding practice.

Practical Training

The training covers more than just theory. Dr. Linda Dahl teaches you the paradigm she developed over 20 years in clinical practice that has used to treat over 25,000 mom & baby dyads with a reported 90%+ success rate. During the program, you will not only learn to diagnose and treat breastfeeding issues but also to perform in-office frenulectomies safely, a procedure that Dr. Dahl has pioneered and perfected. You will also learn how to care for patients after the procedures to optimize their breastfeeding experience.

Lecture and Course Presentations

Attendees will receive a detailed training manual outlining the entire Better Breastfeeding treatment paradigm, a copy of Dr. Dahl’s seminal books on breastfeeding, including Clinician’s Guide to Breastfeeding (Springer 2016) and Better Breastfeeding (Rodale, 2022), and a free one-month subscription to the Better Breastfeeding platform.

We offer two training options for practitioners:


Choose our Live Workshop if you prefer an in-person approach. Engage in interactive lectures and workshops led by seasoned physicians, including breastfeeding medicine pioneer Dr. Linda Dahl.


Our Virtual Training program is ideal for busy professionals or those unable to travel. Access live online courses from any device, learn at your pace, and gain a comprehensive understanding of breastfeeding medicine, all from the comfort of your own space.

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Please contact us for questions about enrollment, cost, and payment plan.

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Invest in the Future of Your Practice

Our first training session will be in the fall of 2023.

Locations and dates coming soon!


* Refunds are only permitted within the first 72 hours of purchase.
* If refund is requested after 72 hour period, it will be under the discretion of management to authorize refund
* If theory is shared, you are only eligible for 50% refund on the individual course price

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